I’m Thor Prohaska and I am standing as an Independent Representative for the Queensland Legislative Assembly seat of Pine Rivers.

I say that Political Parties CAN’T Represent YOU because they have their own AGENDA and every party politician elected to parliament must toe the party line regardless of what the majority of voters in their electorate think.

Only an Independent Representative who is not controlled by unelected political party bosses and their donors can GUARANTEE to Represent YOU.

I will always play the Policy Ball and I will NOT be drawn into attacking opponents personally or for matters that are unrelated to policy.

Regardless of what your current political party preference may be I say we are Queenslanders first and foremost and I see no reason why we can’t all work together policy by policy. We can be allies on one policy, adversaries on another or undecided and yet to reach a position on others. And at the end of the day even if we aren’t friends we should still respect each other.

The tribal adversarial political party model is broken! You can’t run a family or a business by constantly trying to tear other people down … I say it is delusional to think that we can run a government that way!

So if you want Guaranteed Representation then Vote 1 for me in Pine Rivers and I will faithfully represent you and the majority consensus position on each and every policy regardless of my personal policy position. After all that is what a Representative should do … REPRESENT.

I am NOT preferencing any other party or candidate. And if I’m elected and there is a hung parliament I will NOT support either the ALP or the LNP to form government. Instead I will sit on the cross benches and vote as directed by the voters of Pine Rivers on each and every policy that comes before parliament.

I believe:

  •     Political parties are not truly representative.
  •     Policies should be based on evidence and merit not driven by ideology.
  •     Policy is best developed collaboratively by voters and their Representatives.
  •     Each Policy needs its own network of Policy Representatives.
  •     Representatives are duty bound to represent faithfully the ‘will’ of each voter and the electorate’s consensus position on all policies.
  •     Representatives pledge to follow a professional code of conduct.
  •     Each electorate can have many Independent Representatives.
  •     Any registered voter can be a General and/or Policy Representative.
  •     Each voter can only have one General Representative but they can have as many Policy Representatives as they want.
  •     If a voter is not satisfied with their General or Policy Representatives they can choose different Representatives or represent themselves.

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